Tribute to Sylvia


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For you who did not know my wife before she got Parkinson's disease, she was the kindest, most gentle person I ever knew.  She never said an unkind word to or about any anyone. If someone else was saying how bad someone was, she would find something good to say about that person.

When I met her, her father was one of the biggest dairy farmers in that county, and their home was one of the best --- with central heat, indoor plumbing and the most modern appliances of that time.  I am one of the most loved men in the world, because my wife left all that and married me to live in a house that was impossible to heat, cook on a wood stove and wash clothes on a scrub board. Her sister told her to bring the laundry down to their house to wash, but no, my wife had made her choice. She would take what came with it.

To me she was what Ruth was to Naomi in the Old Testament. We moved back and forth across country, three times in and out of Mississippi, three times to New Mexico.  She never complained, never asked why, as long as we were together.  She believed the Scripture, " All things work together for good to those who love the Lord."

In Mississippi where we last lived, she could look out the kitchen window and see me turn from the main road onto the street where we lived.  When I turned into our driveway, she would come out the dining room door to the carport to meet me. With that beautiful smile on her face and that soft voice, she would say, "I saw you coming, and I am so glad you are home."  One day I asked her, how did she see me coming?  She replied, " I can see you when you turn off the main street to our street."

"Do you look out the window all day?" I asked.  She just smiled.

When I make that last trip home, I am sure she will be the first one to see me.  She will come out to meet me with that beautiful smile, and that lovely voice will welcome me, saying, "I saw you coming, and I am so glad you are home."

   ----Olon Young, April 8, 2004

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